Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Lack of reality...

The P2P news/filesharing community is a small one, and there's not that many of us. However, the first thing you need when reporting ANY news, is a firm grasp on reality. This is what makes this blog post by Zeropaid writer Drew Wilson so unfortunate.

If you check the google trends for the 4 main p2p news websites (torrentfreak, zeropaid, slyck and p2pnet) you'll see that his success hasn't been as great as he makes out. However, if you have low expectations you'll be pleased at the little things. Personally I'm delighted that last week, TorrentFreak broke the half million subscriber barrier in our RSS feeds, just as last week Drew was pleased an Italian site picked up on a comment in his oink story. Then again, we can't all have major British newspapers favourably commenting on the calibre of the reporting on the topic, versus the BBC.

This past year has been a blast though. I can't wait to see what 2009 brings, but I can only hope it'll be interesting.