Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Talk to me

Here at N2N, we're trying to keep a fair balance between being excessively pro-copyright enforcement, and pro-user ideals. It's a hard tightrope to walk, and sometimes we don't always manage it. We have sevreal people working on this, of course, you only see me, ben writing, but we have an editor, and a proof-reader (usually)

It can be hard sometimes to come up with topics and stories to write about, and sometimes its hard comming up with the effort to do so. There is, as you might have noticed, a comment system on this setup, which is nice, but sometimes things don't fit neatly into a repnose to a psot, so there's an email link at the side.

this also goes for any news tips or stories you would like to suggest I write about, or, and especially, if you have recieved some sort of notification from your ISP, or a media representative. I am always on the lookout for interesting, ambigious or illegal DMCA notices, and suchlikeThe law is the law, fair enough, but it shouldn't be abused or mis-represented.

Please note I cannot give legal advice, nor would you want it as I am not a lawyer.

There's a mail link at the side there ----------->
or you can send an email to All correspondance is strictly confidential, and i or anyone else, wlil not print a word about anything confidential without first getting your permission.

Ben jones.

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