Tuesday, January 20, 2009

BERR Consultation Responses – An Analysis

I must admit, with my current role at TorrentFreak, I've let N2N get quiet. I now plan on partially reviving it, but more as a sort of repository of analysis I've conducted. Firstly, I'll be starting with the recent BERR consultation responses. This is stuff that just won't fit in with TorrentFreak but which I feel is important to get published in some form, so that it's out there, for people to read.

I'm going to start in filename order on the responses, so it will be the numbered responses from individuals. I'll add each one as and when I have time to, so there won't be a regular update. If you wish to reference or quote these results, by all means, this site is under a Creative commons BY-NC-SA license. Creative Commons License


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